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Shipping is through DHL or Fedex
Please understand that due to pandemic shipping times are taking longer then usual. Shipping time is generally 5-7 business days following processing/preparation. But because of pandemic we are seeing shipping times are a little bit longer.
(Custom Orders Will take Longer)
When the tracking number # generates we will provide you with the  details... 
Please know that DHL system has a lag at updating so when you check tracking status it may not seem like anything is happening. When in fact the package is moving. When the system finally updates it will be close to delivery usually within 24-48 hours. What happens if you call DHL to get an update?
They only see what you see. So if the system hasn't updated they might state that nothing is happening. When in fact it is in process. 

We like to use the same few suppliers to ensure good quality. Some are overseas. So if you see that you order is shipping from afar please understand that is where one of the main factories are. Certain products have factories all over the world. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email shown in the contact us link.  

Shipping is free to you! :) 

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